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April 29th, 2007

12:42 pm - Fic: That Was A Truth (Stargate Atlantis)
Title: That Was A Truth
Author: fydyan
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Spoilers: John-centric spoilers from Sunday.
Pairings: none
Summary: Truth does not always come easily. Understanding is even harder.

That Was A TruthCollapse )
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November 5th, 2006

05:47 pm - Fic: Four Gordon Korman crossovers
Title: Four Korman mini crossovers
Author: fydyan
Fandoms: Macdonald Hall/Stargate Atlantis; Our Man Weston/Harry Potter; I Want to Go Home/Stargate SG1; Son of Interflux/Charles de Lint's Newford 'verse
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Pairings: none
Summary: Four mini Gordon Korman crossovers in a variety of fandoms (see above).

Korman CrossoversCollapse )

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October 26th, 2006

02:38 am - Fic: Letters from Milky Way (Stargate Atlantis)
Title: Letters from Milky Way
Author: fydyan
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The Return part 1 (and McKay & Mrs. Miller)
Pairings: McKay/Dex
Summary: Rodney writes. Rodney tries to write.

Letters from Milky WayCollapse )
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September 4th, 2006

04:20 pm - FIC: Maternal Instincts (SGA/Sentinel Crossover)
Title: Maternal Instincts
Author: fydyan
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Sentinel
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Pairings: none
Summary: None of the ascended had ever considered the repercussions of going back to visit – especially not the possibility of pregnancy.

Maternal InstinctsCollapse )

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August 30th, 2006

08:50 pm - FIC: Separation Anxiety (Stargate Atlantis)
Title: Separation Anxiety
Author: fydyan
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Pairings: none
Summary: John said he kinda liked it in Antarctica. What if he really, really hadn't? - Rising AU.

Separation AnxietyCollapse )
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August 26th, 2006

01:52 pm - FIC: In the Waiting Room (SGA/Quantum Leap crossover)
Title: In the Waiting Room
Author: fydyan
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Quantum Leap
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Pairings: none
Summary: The woman in the waiting room was blonde and beautiful, and wasn't reacting at all the way she was supposed to.

In the Waiting RoomCollapse )
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July 22nd, 2006

01:16 am - FIC: The Witness (Rent/Stargate SG1 crossover)
Title: The Witness
Author: fydyan
Fandoms: Rent/Stargate SG1
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Pairings: none
Summary: Mark was there when the story broke.

The WitnessCollapse )

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May 26th, 2006

10:05 pm - HP Drabble: Perfect Percy
Just a little HP drabble I wrote, but I think it came out well. I find drabbles such a challenge, because I firmly believe they should tell a complete story, pack an emotional impact, and be exactly 100 words.

Perfect Percy

"That git!" Ron said on Ginny's birthday, eyeing the empty table setting, thinking doesn't he trust us? doesn't he believe us? does he really think so little of us? "Stupid bloody Percy!"

"Perfect Percy," Fred mocked, laying out Bill and Fleur's wedding circle. "Petty, proud, perfectly idiotic Percy," George echoed, and both were thinking always tried so hard, never listened, never cared, never thought we loved him.

"Oh, Percy," Molly whispered, looking at the seven presents left under the tree. Be careful, we love you as they all watched the hand on the clock swing to Mortal Peril, once again.
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February 5th, 2006

12:20 pm - New BtVS fic
For all those who friended me hoping to read what I'm writing, I have a new BtVS fic that I'm posting over at bloodclaim. It's the first time I'm posting a WIP as I write it, and I'm a little nervous about losing track of the beginning by the time I get to the end. Fortunately, it's fairly well plotted up in my head, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm posting in really short chunks, pretty much as I write it, so as of write now the parts are all relatively short. That may change as the story progresses.

Anyway, all parts can be found in my memories, here.

Story info is:

Title: Fallen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: d/s, threesome
Pairings: SX, S/X/Anya, X/others
Notes: Feedback and concrit greatly appreciated!
Summary: When Sunnydale collapsed, Xander lost more than anyone knew.

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May 23rd, 2005

11:49 pm - Xander's Best Effort (1/1) - BtVS (Xander/Oz)
Title: Xander's Best Effort (1/1)
Author: fydyan
Pairing: Xander/Oz
Rating: Teen
Words: 4011
Warning: All human AU (but really just barely AU)
Summary: Xander's trying to get along with Willow's new love interest. He's really, really trying.
AN1: This is dedicated to entrenous88, who asked, "Can we please have an Emo Kids Making Out Ficathon? Like, right now? AtS & BtVS m/m H/AU teenage boys kissing and rubbing up against each other and quite possibly coming in their jeans?" And because she wrote an awesome S/X story along those lines that rocked my world.
AN2: This is my first piece of BtVS slash, so any and all feedback and concrit would be cherished.

Xander"s Best EffortCollapse )
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February 27th, 2005

12:15 pm - This Hard Road (1/1)
Title: This Hard Road (1/1)
Author: fydyan
Fandom: HP
Rating: G
Pairing: none (gen)
Feedback & Concrit: Adored
Summary: For certain third years, Hogwarts is not all it's cracked up to be.

This Hard RoadCollapse )
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12:11 pm - fanfic
I'm going to start posting some of my fanfic in this here journal, to make my life easier. To my non-fandom friends, please feel free to ignore (or not, as you please.) They will all start with headers and be easily identifiable as fanfic.

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January 9th, 2005

12:48 pm - Anita Blake fanfic
For those interested, I archive another Anita Blake fic over at the Pomme de Sang archive. The story is here:

Feedback always welcome.
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January 3rd, 2005

10:12 pm - Fanfic stuff ahead
For any who may be interested, I archived one of my older Anita Blake fics tonight over at Pomme de Sang. It falls squarely into the short and sweet category, so go check it out.

Inspired by _beetle_, who reminded me that some people might be interested in reading some of this stuff. Thanks!
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November 9th, 2004

11:10 am
Warning: Fanfic stuff ahoy:

If anybody's interested, I wrote a really tiny ficlet for the "20 Minutes with Jenny" challenge over on Twisting the Hellmouth. It's a Buffy/Vorkosiverse (Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan books) cross. It's called Jenny's Honor.

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